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[ Noah's Ark, Inner Bloom]

Beginning of Journey

 I started ceramics at a local community art center as a hobby after getting married and moving to Massachusetts from California, while trying unsuccessfully to have children for 10 years.  I coped with hard times during the infertility treatments by focusing on making ceramics and gardening.  First, I held on to the Biblical women’s stories who conceived miraculously, just as many Christians do. But those miracles didn’t come to me for a long time. In my despair, I found Noah who was building a huge ark by himself while nobody understood or believed in him.  I saw myself in Noah and I started imagining his journey and inside of his ark.  I pretended to be Noah who carried his daily arduous labor for a long time.  I projected myself to clay, I cut clay slabs into strips and put together as forms.  The re-assembling process gave me sense of reconciliation and rebuilding myself.  The repetitive and meditative making produced the “Noah’s Ark” series in time. 

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