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I am a Korea born, designer turned artist. 

I have product development background in home fashion and textile print industries. I believe my experience of creating my own lines for years influences greatly in what I do now in days. I am also very into observing nature & gardening. They are inseparable for my creative process. I enjoy to take elements of what I see or hear, then convert, process and apply them to be something tangible. 

Life seems to be often an overwhelming stream of thoughts, feelings and happenings. I try to catch each moment of “sparks” in that fast flow. I use various resources which feel appropriate for that moment. Then, the little spark that I caught in the flow becomes a celebration of blessings, souvenir of a curious journey, or sometimes, trophy for self-forgiveness and tombstone of a painful memory.  I believe the intension and process of creation itself also is a part of creation, it incubates strength. I simply create traces of my life but it anchors me down so I won’t be flooded away and it fuels me to continue moving forward.

Recently, I’ve been working on abstract ceramic sculptures. They are reflective of my life experiences and meditations in regard to my cultural & religious background, immigrant life & motherhood. The Noah's Ark sculpture series started during my darkest time, in meditation of the biblical story of Noah. I projected myself into his daily endurance of labor and his endless wait while building an ark, which nobody believed. I imagined Noah's journey and the circle of life inside of his ark. I hand roll slabs, cut them into stripes, then reconstruct them into architectural forms, yet, with some organic feelings. I imagine each piece belongs to a stage of growth or change, just like everything in nature. I am especially attracted to linear natural forms such as mineral sticks, rocks, columnar joints, cliffs, tree branches, plant stems and how they are related in space & time. The repetitive routine of making these sculptures became like a ritual to cope with life: pulling a solid clay lump apart into stripes and then, putting them back together again into a new creation.

J. Gina Lee

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